Saturday, 1 December 2007


This blog has been pretty much ignored for ages. Well we have started to post a daily video on the PEPPERMINT IGUANA MYSPACE, so what better opportunity to resurrect this ere site?

Following on from an idea that has grown from a seed planted by out mate Curtis Ian we are going to try to post a video bulletin every day from a band that we recommend (you will have to add us to your friend list to see the bulletins). They will be mostly contemporary bands but we are sure a few golden oldies will slip in there.

Hopefully the videos will inform and educate about something new to you, or at the very least entertain.

In case you have not sussed it, we have a very broad taste in music, so if you don't like what you see one day bare with us, the next day might blow you away!

Feel free to tell us about a video you know about, but don't get offended if it does not feature STRAIGHT AWAY, cos we already have a big list that we want to post.

We aim to post something new everyday but obviously that will fall by the wayside when we are on patrol, busy … or if we get bored of the idea. Feel free to let us know what you think of it, or any of the videos. If people tell us they like the idea it will encourage us to keep it goin'. if nobody says anything, we will assume no one is paying any attention!

This blog will now become an ‘archive’ of the videos that we post. In addition, we will add a few choice non-musical videos for your infotainement.

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